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A Shaman with an MBA helping to create authentic leaders and better businesses


Welcome to Shaman in the Boardroom!

My name is Dawn Paul and I am a shaman of the Andean tradition. I also hold an Masters in Business Administration – MBA – from Nottingham Trent University. After well over a decade of working as a shamanic healer helping people worldwide heal their past so they can go on and create lives they love, I feel passionately that it is time to return to the business world. Through Shaman in the Boardroom Retreats, myself and my wonderful team – Nicky, a fellow shaman and Suzanne, a leadership and personal development expert, wish to combine leadership development principles and ancient shamanic practices to create truly authentic leaders with strong core values and self worth, so that they in turn can create enlightened businesses which benefit all stakeholders.  It is clear to see that the earth and mass consciousness is evolving at a significant rate, therefore business must evolve along with it in order to not only survive, but thrive. And those ‘new’ businesses are going to need strong and authentic leaders to nurture and protect them.  Far from restricting profit, research shows that enlightened businesses outperform their competitors. So feel free to enjoy this site, and if we can help you to become a more authentic leader and help your business to thrive, or if you would like to attend an Authentic Leadership Retreat and become the shaman of your own boardroom, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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