Shamanic Eyes in a Corporate World

This blog post is kindly provided by a dear friend and fellow shaman Nicky. Nicky is an amazingly powerful, knowledgeable and authentic shaman and I am delighted that we will be working together on the Shaman in the Boardroom Retreats, where we will be assisting in the creation of authentic and empowered leaders who can become shaman of their own boardrooms and go on to create long-term sustainable businesses for the benefit of all stakeholders.

‘The Shaman may not have an intellectual idea of your corporate world. They may not have the corporate language. They have no need for the Shaman knows and understands the universal language of energy and is aware that the sustainability and longevity of any community – corporate or personal- is directly affected and influenced by the condition of the energy of those involved in the relationship.

The Shaman speaks of the scripts that we each write of our lives, of the roles that we play and bound up in all of this are our beliefs, fears, achievements and experiences. The Shaman knows that everything in our script is directly influenced by the condition of our energy field and it is this very field which informs us on all levels directing the life that we find ourselves living.

Knowing how to shift our energy field and knowing how to raise our awareness may therefore contribute to our success whether this be personal or corporate. We do influence the energy of the relationships around us and the Shaman knows the most powerful way to create change is to begin within ourselves. Similarly, the best way to create change in an organisation is to create positive change within the leader.

The question is what does Shamanism provide that other ways do not?

The shaman give us simple and effective ways of working energetically so that we can begin to be more open for opportunity and more available to see something that maybe we would have ignored before. Or we become open to something that may have passed us by or we would simply not have seen it purely because of our blinkered perspective on our situation and our fears of taking risks to step into something different.

Anything that threatens the old establishment will be met with reserve and the personal fears of our ego stop us from evolving individually and together. Let us remember that if early sailors had not taken the risk of sailing to the edge of the world we may still be living in a flat world held by outdated beliefs.

So often we are told to think outside the box. The shaman considers that thinking IS the box – so wherever you go, whatever you try – you are always in the box. The simple methods of the Shamanic ways help us to tame the thinking mind and open up opportunity for wisdom and vision from a creative and courageous place to show up and be seen.’

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