Leadership Development Retreats

Through its authentic leadership retreats, Shaman in the Boardroom seeks to fulfil its mission to help CEO’s – and other C-suite executives and leaders – to uncover their authentic selves, to develop strong core values and high levels of self esteem and self worth, so that they can go on to create sustainable long-term organisations for the benefit of all stakeholders – including the Earth. Our leadership retreats run over four days in beautiful locations – the next leadership retreat will take place in France. To keep it interesting and exciting for you, in addition to providing a traditional ‘workshop’ style of teaching via our academic team members, we utilise ancient shamanic techniques and ceremonies to help shed the ‘old’ way of being and further reveal the authentic self. We will use mythic mapping, fire ceremonies, inner journeying, one-to-one coaching sessions, power animals, Tupay with talking sticks (a method of creating clear communication), nature paintings (nothing to do with paint!), Ayni, (a method of being in harmony with all things, including the self) as well as on the last evening a beautiful closing ceremony in which you will be able to receive a traditional blessing to help anchor the new you. There will also be time to just ‘be,’- time to reconnect with yourself and nature, to re-energise and de-stress, to reassess your values and your future vision. You will also have time to connect with the other attendees so that you can create your own your support network, because we all know it’s tough at the top! There will be delicious food and interesting conversation in a fully confidential, nurturing and supportive environment. This will truly be a retreat to remember, helping you on your journey to become a ‘shaman’ of your own boardroom. At the very least, we hope you return a much happier person and therefore, a better leader with the strength and the tools to promote positive change within your organisation and the vision to safeguard its long term success and sustainability. Please contact us if you would like to reserve a space on the next retreat.

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